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Top Five Tips For a Successful Fundraiser

Are you interested in starting a fundraiser? Perhaps you are planning one and need some extra inspiration, or maybe you’re already involved with one and need some pointers to keep things running smoothly. Whatever the situation, use these top five online fundraising tips to get or keep your fundraiser moving in the right direction.

Tip #1: Vision

What is your overall vision for your fundraiser? Generally, this question can be answered by asking yourself a few other questions. What are you going to do to raise money? How much money does your organization need? How much do you need to sell/collect to obtain your goal? Make sure to write it down carefully, as your vision will serve the important role of being a road map for reaching your goal.

Tip #2: Strategy

Everyone knows battles are won with good strategic plans in place, and your fundraiser is no different. What are you fighting for? You and your team must know your product and your target audience: does your product/service appeal to men or women? What age group? How will you reach them? How will you advertise your fundraiser? Many times newspapers will write an article about your event, gaining you free publicity. Social media is also effective at reaching large groups of people.

Tip #3: Delegation

You can’t do everything by yourself! When conducting a fundraiser, the best thing you can do for your own peace of mind is to delegate. Everyone wants to be part of something, so use the gifts and talents of others to build your organization. Give your volunteers specific tasks. If you are hosting an event, have qualified help designated to set up and take down the event. Designate someone to order the products. If this is an event, ask someone to head up decorations. Give your helpers direction and then let them run with their ideas. The more people you task, the more fulfilled others will feel, and you’ll be able to take a leadership role ensuring all aspects of the fundraiser are running effectively.

Tip #4: Meetings

Through fundraising, you have an opportunity to bring together all different cultures, ethnicities and age groups. Because of this, it’s vital to the success of your fundraiser to host a meeting. You will have the opportunity to speak from your heart and cast the vision and communicate it clearly to everyone. You may want to discuss the type of fundraiser, everyone’s part, and deadlines. Depending on the complexity of the fundraiser, you may need to meet more than once with your volunteers.

#5: Leadership

Finally, be available for volunteers. Check in with them leading up to your event or cut off date. Thank your donors and volunteers. Handwritten thank-you cards go a long way in today’s digital age. When people feel appreciated, they give more of themselves. As the leader, it is your job to set the tone. Be clear and concise, but stay flexible.

Using these online fundraising tips will ensure your fundraiser’s success. Fundraisers are a lot of work, but with the right structure in place, they can make thousands of dollars. The key is a plan, dedicated volunteers, and commitment to your organization. Remember to embrace the process and have fun!

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