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The History and Future of Fundraising

Fundraisers in America began in the early 1900s when Charles Sumner Ward and Frank L. Peirce were trying to create funds to build the YMCA building in Washington, D.C. Around the same time, Bishop William Lawrence was campaigning to Harvard Alumni to raise the salaries of the professors at Harvard.

Things died down for a bit during World War I and II. Once the recession and tough times of War were over, people were ready to donate their time and money to fundraisers but questioned the ethics of doing such, as there were no standards in place.

In 1960, the National Society of Fundraisers were created. Their goal was to research, aid, and instruct professionals in how to create a successful fundraiser. During the next thirty years, fundraising changed. There were many methods of fundraising, including door-to-door and telethons. People in modern society who need to do fundraisers are now looking into online fundraising, including online fundraising tips. The great part is that the goal of Charles, Frank, and William were to better Americans, and that is the goal even today.

People Involved in Fundraisers

When people think of fundraisers in terms of people, they think about the people who are needing the money and the people who are willing to spend their money. Sometimes both of these groups can be individuals or a business. Here recently charities have become more professional. Therefore, fundraisers have become more professional. This means that companies are being seen not just for what they do on the work side of things but what they can do for others. For example, a financial company host a charity event (or fundraiser) for the local children’s hospital. This brings in news reporters. In the same respect many, but not all, donors get seen at these events and it is helpful to their public image. Sometimes though, the donor gets overwhelmed and feels they cannot do enough to help all the charities.

The Change We Need

We need to understand that this works best as a group, with everyone involved. The charity, the people on the charity’s side and the donors. If they all work together, everyone benefits. Part of doing this means putting the option in the charity’s hands by giving them the research they need including online fundraising tips, if they need them. Also, they need to look at the long-term and short-term of their goals within the charity and fundraiser. What can they achieve at this event or in the future? Another important aspect is to allow donors the opportunity to decide which organization they want to donate to. Most importantly, allowing everyone to not feel pressured to host an event or donate. The more naturally it comes, the better the results will be.

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