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Simple Methods of Effective Post-Event Fundraising

Non-profit organizations rely on donations to provide them with the money they need to meet their goals, and one of the best ways to raise large sums of cash is through special events. These can take on a number of different forms, but the desirable end result is always the same: the organization will seek to encourage the promise of support from as many donors as possible. The catch, however, is that these promises are not always kept, so it is on the shoulders of the fundraising team to actually obtain the pledged amount and encourage a little extra as well. That process of following up with donations after a fundraiser event is called post-event fundraising, and here are some offline and online fundraising tips you can use to make it easier for your organization.

Show Some Appreciation

Use social media channels, your organization’s website, and even print ads to advertise the support of the organization from businesses, community members and anyone else who was involved in the fundraiser. Send thank you notes and emails to the donors directly to show appreciation for their attendance at the event as well as for their donation.

Increase the Awareness

Make certain all goals and needs are known to the community. The fundraising does not stop just because the event has ended, so let is be known that additional donations are always needed and appreciated. Be specific with what the organization will do with the money, or simply share success stories. All donors, no matter how much or little they give, want to know their money is being spent wisely and for a good purpose.

Follow up Afterwords

Touch base with donors, whether their cash has been received or not. Mention the event and let them know about future activities. Contact them when a goal is met, but express the hope that they will stay involved with the organization. If the fundraiser was an annual activity, make certain they are aware of the date for next year’s event and put it on the organization’s website calendar for everyone to see. You can also try rewarding loyal supporters with a brunch or party—this is particularly beneficial after the funds have been used, because this allows them to see their donation in action.

Review the Event

Consider sending questionnaires or surveys to anyone in attendance. This includes donors, but should also be to staff, volunteers and even vendors. Ask about their opinion of the event, what they liked, what they disliked, and what they would enjoy for an event in the future. Include with these surveys a link (if the survey is online) to where they can donate directly or an envelope for surveys done through the mail. This will also act as a reminder to donors who promised a gift, but have not yet followed through with that promise. It may even elicit additional donations.

Fundraising is difficult because the need to do it is constant for nearly all non-profit organizations. However, a few simple online fundraising tips like emails reminding past donors and potential future donors of the achievements of the group and their future goals will keep the donations coming. The few days and weeks after an event are some of the most crucial moments for any non-profit. It is very easy for donors to forget their promises or feel their support is not needed if they are never contacted. Make it possible for them to remember their pledge and easy to know where it should be directed.

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