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Promoting Your Fundraiser Through Online Platforms

Are you running a fundraiser and looking for ways to grow your donor pool? One of the best ways to get the attention of more potential donors is to take your fundraiser to the internet, as going digital offers the opportunity for your message to reach unprecedented audiences that were never possible before. But online promotion is only effective if you use the right strategies—after all, the internet is a strange place, a bombardment of information where everyone is competing for the attention of potential clients and nobody quite knows what’ll capture the public’s attention next. This article hopes to give you some strategies to navigate this new landscape and capture the attention of an online audience, getting you the money you need for your cause.

Take Advantage of the Video Format

Perhaps your most important tool to raise money in the online world is videos. This format offers amazing potential for you to communicate your cause in a unique, exciting way, giving people a reason to to care about your cause and donate. A video to promote your fundraiser should offer plenty of information informative and be educational, with a call to action at the end to rally a hooked viewer. When constructed properly, you’ll find that videos are among the most highly effective ways to get people to contribute money to your cause.

Go Viral or Go Home

Another advantage that online fundraising offers is the possibility of attaining that elusive status of going viral. This phenomenon happens when enough people share your content, through social media, where it’s shared again and again until everyone starts to see it pop up in their content feeds. While there’s no way to guarantee that this happens to any content, a solid strategy is to promote your cause on as many social media sites as you can, briefly telling people about your cause and how much money you need to have contributed to your fund. Like the video ads, it will be important to have a call to action as well as a careful explanation of what the cause is for and how it will benefit your organization. If your promotion gains traction, you’ll have a chance at one of the most effective methods in getting your message out and reaching your goals—but it’ll never happen unless you make that first post!

Promote Your Cause with Anything

When it comes to promoting your cause online, you can get fairly creative with the kind of content you put out. Remember that ice bucket challenge everyone was doing a couple years ago? It may have seemed silly at first, but it was effective at grabbing people’s attention while also delivering an important message. In fact, many people and organizations that took part in the ice bucket challenge actually got millions of responses and were able to eventually meet their online fundraising goals. Internet trends like this can be powerful tools, and participating in them will help organizations with any fundraising endeavors they have.

Post Goals and Track Your Progress

Finally, the internet offers a very fluid platform for you to instantly post updates and keep your donors in the loop as to the progress you’re making with your fundraiser. If you set goals such as how much you want to raise and by which date, you can then post regular updates showing how far you need to go to reach these goal. Simply tracking progress like this can be a powerful motivator for potential donors to want to join in to help meet this collective goal. Plus, if things are going well, you can also add new causes to help get more funds and benefit society in even more ways with your organization.

The internet is a tool of unprecedented power when it comes to information sharing. If you can tap into its potential, then a whole new world of donors and opportunities will open up to you. Get to posting right away!

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