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Fundraising: A Good Cause

Often times, fundraising, whether it be for school, church events, or to raise awareness about a cause, you’ll often hear people make cynical remarks about how fundraising works. I must strongly disagree, and say that this is not the case. People who fundraise are not shady, malicious people, and most organizations that fundraise aren’t just concerned with making money.

With that said, It is essential to organizations and people everywhere that we shed the light on these myths, because many people have become skeptical of fundraising as a whole. It is true that people are often bombarded with fundraising every day, including campaign ads on television or getting mail sent to their homes. At the end of it all, they become jaded by the experiences. But it’s important to remember why these organizations and people fundraise. If you’re reading this and you’re someone who isn’t quite sure whether you believe fundraisers aren’t good, just think:

Fundraising saves lives, literally.

Fundraising is the lifeblood for many organizations. The truth is, fundraising allows thousands and thousands of nonprofits and organizations around the world to help and serve, millions of people. Take a look at mission efforts and Doctors Without Borders who need donations of those more fortunate to help others. In addition to those organizations, fundraising keeps the doors open for many churches, homeless shelters, job programs and much more. So as I said, fundraising can save lives of those around the world.

And, if you’re someone fundraising and have been distraught by these cynical comments, remember:

You’re here for a good cause.

If you ever feel awkward about doing a fundraiser, or the next time someone makes a snarky remark about fundraising remember: fundraising is essential to your organization. Not only does it allow your organization to fulfill their mission, but it also raises awareness about the pain points your company is aiming to solve. Without any fundraising, companies would be struggling to achieve their goal. As a single person we oftentimes cannot solve big problems alone, but with the help of others, we can. Remember, if you’re fundraising for something worth fighting for, it is worth the time.

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