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How to Increase Fundraising with Matching Gifts

Unlike people, organizations love matching gifts. The reason being is because matching gifts come in monetary form. It’s not like receiving two of the same dresses, toys, or other types of gifts that no person would want. And with the corporate and smaller businesses contributing matching gifts to nonprofit organizations, these corporations and smaller businesses would receive rewards in various ways from tax write-offs to the gain in more business.

How do Matching Gifts Work

Businesses offer matching gifts to nonprofits by matching their gifts with the amount offered by their employees. So, if the employees’ amount of giving is a total of $5,000, the company would match that gift would $5,000 as well, making it a total of $10,000 to give to a nonprofit. 

This is free money for any nonprofit whether it’s a church, shelter, Make-a-Wish Foundation, or another nonprofit organization. Therefore, this is definitely a really big deal. And having said this, the following are different ways on how to increase fundraising with matching gifts: 

Posting on Social Media – Mostly all donors are engaged with different social media networks, with Twitter and Facebook being the most popular ones. Therefore, you can alert donors with great tweets, such as with a direct and short call to action for matching gifts, and in sharing stories to build an emotional connection. Associating with social media is one of the top online fundraising tips, but it’s also important not to do direct fundraising all the time. 

Links on Ways to Give Page – Giving links on social media and other platforms is another one of the important online fundraising tips. These links would let donors know where and how to donate, plus give them other viable information. 

Banners on the Site – With busy schedules, it’s important to have banners on the site so that donors can quickly and easily know where and how to donate. Otherwise, they can get frustrated and leave the site without donating. 

Print and Email Newsletters – Making donors aware of the fundraising campaign and call to action via printing and emailing newsletters is very helpful. The printed newsletters can be sent as flyers and at various locations. 

Prospect Research – To make sure no unnecessary time and money is spent, it would behoove any nonprofit to research to find the right prospective donors. Otherwise, you can be marketing to the wrong donors via social media, the wrong email addresses, and flyers sent to the wrong locations. 

Pursue the Biggest Fish – Find out the largest 10 to 20 matching eligible employers of donors and friends. Also, ensure your corporate fundraisers know about their potential stream of revenue when they connect with the donors or companies working for them. 

Integrate Info of the Matching Gifts Across Platforms – It’s vital not to forget marketing gift opportunities in appeals, newsletters, phonations, and acknowledgements. 
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