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7 Solid Online Fundraising Tips for Your Next Email Campaign

The Internet is a magnificent fundraising tool, allowing you to reach out to potential donors all across the world. It can be tough to make sure your campaign gets the attention it deserves, though! Use these online fundraising tips to make your future emails more powerful.
  1. Start With a Plan

    You don’t need to be a giant national non-profit to engage in a little basic strategy. Make sure you’re clear about the basics of your campaign before you start crafting your emails. Fundraising goals and deadlines are necessities, of course, but you should also figure out what your “hook” is going to be to draw attention. Lay out some basic rules you intend to follow with your emails, too. How frequently will you solicit donations? What other online promotional tools are you going to use? All of your efforts to get the word out should tie in together.
  2. Build a Great Landing Page

    The key tool for email marketing is the landing page. This is where recipients end up when they click on the call to action link in your email. Spend plenty of time designing it! Keep it straightforward and focused on the primary action you want visitors to take. This is usually – but not always – to donate. Push any content that doesn’t encourage visitors to take that next step off your landing page.
  3. Craft Strong Emails

    Like your landing page, your emails themselves need to be persuasive tools. Take a close look at how your messages will show up in recipients’ inboxes. Is the subject line compelling? Does the first line of the message convey useful information when it’s turned into preview text? What sort of sender is going to be most welcome, an organization or an individual? If you need to, you can try out multiple variations until you find out what setup is most effective.
  4. Give Back to Donors

    Of course rewarding your donors is a common part of all fundraising campaigns. One of the best online fundraising tips you can use is to make sure that the rewards you give back are informational as well as substantial. Keep potential donors and contributors in the loop about your campaign’s status. Once the fundraising is done, give a sense of closure by letting your donors know what they’ve accomplished. Email is the perfect medium for these tasks.
  5. Harness Social Media

    A truly effective online fundraising campaign can use many different tools. You should strongly consider making social media part of your efforts. Use the same “hooks,” calls to action, and design on your social media sites that you use in your emails. This way the two different promotional tools can serve to reinforce each other and send more donors your way.
  6. Study Your Progress

    You shouldn’t think that your work is complete once you’ve crafted your pages and written your emails! Study the effect they have. Use mail management tools that let you track useful metrics like open rates, clickthrough rates, and bounce rates. Again, trying out different emails with different recipients can help you compare multiple approaches and improve the overall effectiveness of your campaign.
  7. Take Advantage of Momentum

    This is really a tip for fundraising campaigns of every sort, but it definitely still applies when you’re working with email! Don’t be afraid to aim higher if you experience early success. Recalibrate your goals upwards if your campaign is doing well. If money is coming in slowly, consider extending your deadlines to maximize your intake.
In the 21st century, online tools are an indispensable part of any effective fundraising effort. Take advantage of this advice in your next campaign and boost the effectiveness of the emails you send out. You’ll be amazed by the big difference you can make with a few little changes!
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