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4 Ways to Show Your Appreciation to Donors

There are a few keys to a successful fundraising campaign. There’s one crucial key that many people overlook, and it can hurt chances of receiving repeat donations. That key is: always be sure to show donors your truly appreciate them and their gifts.

Here are four easy tips to follow to ensure your donors feel appreciated, which can help secure more donations from them in the future:

  1. The Three-Step Thank-You Followup: First, within 48 hours after a fundraiser, send a personalized thank you letter to each donor. Second, be sure to call them within one month to thank them again. And finally, after 3 months up to a half a year from the fundraiser, send them a follow-up letter thanking them one last time, and update them with how you used their donations.
  2. Always keep the donor in mind when you plan any fundraising events & campaigns. If you’re hosting an event, try to think through every aspect from the moment your guests arrive until the time they leave, and do your best to ensure each person is accommodated as best as possible.
  3. Feedback is crucial. Follow up with your donors asking what they enjoyed about your fundraiser, and what you can improve upon in the future.
  4. Strive for improvement. This goes hand-in-hand with #3 above. Collect feedback and use what you learn for future fundraising endeavors. Always work harder for a 2nd donation from someone than you did for the first. It’s much easier to get repeat donations from someone, but only if you treated them right after they donated (see #1), and don’t get lazy on future campaigns.

Your donors are generous and are giving when they don’t have to. Always keep that in mind. Even if they love to donate, they don’t have to donate to you and your cause… so if they choose to, don’t make them regret it! Treat them right to ensure they are more than happy to donate again in the future, and always strive to find ways to better serve them–they’ll return the favor.

If you’re fundraising in the Central Texas area, be sure to contact us as Texas Capital Fundraising!

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