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4 Tips for Your Next Fundraising Race

Follow these online fundraising tips for an efficient, successful fundraising experience. In order to run a profitable fundraising race, you need to focus on four important concepts: beginning the process early, creating a captivating message, discovering a personal connection to the cause and crafting an efficient call-to-action message. These four tips cover the beginning of the process all the way through the final step, ensuring your fundraising campaign is highly successful.

Start Early

Timing is crucial when it comes to planning a fundraiser, so the first step should be crafting promotional materials and spreading the word regarding the upcoming event as soon as possible. If you wait until the last minute, you may be disappointed by the low turnout. Getting people involved as soon as possible helps your event gather the largest possible crowd. People’s schedules may be busy if you try to market to them with only a few weeks until the event, so send out emails or newsletters months in advance to get commitments from as many as people as possible.

Catch People’s Attention with a Powerful Message

People take action when they hear or read a message that invokes emotion. Spend a lot of time creating material that shows people that you’re committed you are to the cause. Choose your words very carefully, as each word in your piece should be designed to incite people’s emotions and get them interested in your cause. Take time to ponder what words and experiences captures your audience’s attention. Once you’ve figured this out, write every piece of material with this in mind. People often make decisions based off emotion, so if you can make them connect with your writing, then you’re 90 percent of the way there. If you’ve run any similar events in the past, try to include testimonials from previous attendees in an effort to craft a congruent story.

Find a Personal Connection to the Event

Whether you’ve personally experienced the issue that the fundraiser is addressing or you have a friend or family member who’s went through the troublesome experience, make sure people are able to make a personal connection to your fundraiser. Touching people’s emotions is probably the most effective way to get them interesting in attending your event. Don’t neglect this step, as having a figurehead that people can identify with is an excellent way to get people motivated to attend your event.

Carefully Word Your Call-to-Action Message

While this message may only be a sentence or two, this may be one of the most important online fundraising tips to folow. Once people have read through your entire pitch, you can be sure they’re somewhat interested in what you’re offering; however, the final sentence or paragraph is the part that causes them to take action. Make sure you understand your message and the personal connection you have with your readers, then craft a powerful message that causes them to take immediate action.

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