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4 Important Tips for Your Welcome Email

In the past, fundraising for various types of events usually involved going door to door, or even by calling up phone numbers in order to find donations. Things are a lot different today, as the internet has totally changed the landscape when it comes to raising funds for just about anything. If you are looking for online fundraising tips, you may want to consider what you are trying to raise money for and check out some similar fundraising campaigns that have taken place. For example, if you are trying to raise money for your soccer team to take a trip to a tournament in another country, you may want to search for online fundraising tips, where other teams have done similar things. There are crowdfunding sources all over the internet, which allow for people to place donations for a wide range of things. 

Reaching out Online

If you want to raise money, you are likely going to have to send out a welcome email, which is an email that is sent to potential people that may be interested in providing funds to your fundraising campaign. Before creating the welcome email, it is crucial to sit down and figure out exactly what you are trying to get from the fundraising campaign. Once you have listed out these things, you can construct an email that lets people know what you are trying to get done. This will give them an accurate idea of what the fundraising campaign is for. The better the welcome letter is written and the more that it conveys what the fundraiser is for, the better chance that someone is going to want to provide monetary funds.

Thank Them for Consideration

One thing that you should always put in a welcome email is a thank you for reading the email and putting consideration into helping you and your fundraiser out. This is something that makes any contributor feel good and will let them know that you truly appreciate any donation that they make. This is a way of being humble about asking for a monetary donation and is a positive thing to do for any fundraiser.

Provide Incentive

One huge thing that can lead to a very successful fundraising campaign is by offering up an incentive to provide a donation. For example, you can hold an event, such as an ice cream social, or provide a coupon for a car wash, or literally anything that may give back to a person who is giving a donation. This is a great way to offer something in return for a monetary donation, which can go a long way. Even if the person who is donating does not necessarily need whatever is being given, there is no question that this type of thing will increase the success of the fundraiser.

Avoid Sending Spam Emails

One of the things that most email services have is spam folders, where there is a decent chance that your email could end up. This is not something you want, as most people will never see it, and you might not even know and think that people are simply not responding, so checking to make sure it is not getting sent to spam, through a spam checker is important.

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